JAMES RODNEY | VR Photography

Virtual Reality Photography

Virtual Reality photography seamlessly compiles multiple images of a 360° view such that the entirety
of a 360° circle or sphere is seen as a single image. The most common way this is done is with a setup that
enables a camera to rotate perfectly about a single point and take multiple pictures in different directions,
usually with a super wide-angle lens like a fisheye. These shots are then digitally compiled in a precise
way to form a single unified picture. When this 360 degree visual data is mapped out onto a flat plane,
the image comes out strangely curved and warped, so VR images look quite different than typical single view shots.

The magic of VR is that the VR images can be projected geometrically to make them interactive on computer screens,
allowing the viewer to "look around" just as if they were standing at that location. Thus the term virtual reality.

If you've never seen VR media before, here’s how it works: click on any of images below to bring up the full-screen VR.
Depending on your connection speed, it may take a few seconds for the image to fully load. When the full screen image
has loaded, put your cursor anywhere on the image and “drag” (hold down your LEFT mouse button & move the cursor)
in any direction to view the scene.

South Yuba River State Park - HDR
Cathedral of Christ the Light - HDR
Cathedral of Christ the Light Musoleum - HDR
Cessna Citation CJ1 Cockpit
Porsche 911 Cabriolet - HDR
Rodman 410 Walkaround
Arden Fair
Sierra College LRC
Fox Theater