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Case design concept for a portable cold-fusion device. The case is heavily insulated with a framework protecting the attached pressurized hydrogen tank. In this example, royalty-free CAD fittings were used to save time and provide greater sense of realism.

My original notes to Andrea Rossi:
1. I stayed with a very practical design, nothing too futuristic or outlandish, using fittings and materials that are easily obtainable. Case as shown should be relatively easy to construct.
2. Since it sounded like you were after something that could fit the current E-Cat units, I based the design on your requirements description and on photos of E-Cat prototypes utilized in the 1MW plant.
3. Case would be constructed of metal with 1-2 inches of heatproof rigid or semi-rigid insulation inside.
4. Because I don't have info on specific locations or optimum placements of inputs & outputs, I simply added various fittings and controls, roughly based on prototype photos, that might be associated with H2, water and/or steam flows. These are presently on the case front where they are easily accessible but can certainly be placed anywhere.
5. Simple clamping holder for H2 canister on case side.
6. Aluminum framework serves as protection for H2 canister and also allows for easily ganging or locking multiple units together or for use in vertical orientation - as shown in renderings.
7. Wheels or casters can be easily added.
8. Top of case opens via rear hinges. Closed via latches. Latches can be locked to protect from unauthorized access.